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Locally owned and operated, Youngs the Man’s Shop have been providing clients from Mount Gambier, the South Coast, Limestone Coast and Western Victoria value & good old friendly service for years. Stocking Formal, Casual and Leisure Wear.

Youngs the Man's Shop was established in 1920 by the late Mr Burt Young who has come from New Zealand with his wife Olive and their four sons, Mr Young then established his tailoring business at 14 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier.

The four sons joined their father in the business when they left school. Trevor, Max and Eldon enlisted in the military forces at the outbreak of World War 2. After the War ended the Young men returned to their home and continued to work for their Father. After the War Youngs went from a tailoring business to a retail shop selling ready-made menswear.

From the late 40's to the mid 50's Mr. Max Young travelled the South East and Western Districts of Victoria hawking men's wear from the back of his car. He was often accommodated at various farm houses during his travels.

In 1951 Max Young established Youngs The Man's Shop in George Street, Millicent, with Mr. Jim Pietsch being appointed as manager, they sold this business was in 1990.

During the early 50's the South East became home to migrants who were fleeing Europe after World War 2 and who were desperate to make a new start in life. These men worked mainly in the forest and the railways. Mr. Young would visit the quarters where the migrants were camped and set up what was then called a budget account with the migrants who bought clothing from him. When they had paid for their purchases they could then purchase more. In 1967 Youngs the Man's Shop was established in the premises now occupied by the Hot Bread Shop. 

In 1968 Youngs Shifted from their original shop at 14 Commercial Street West to 24 Commercial Street West where they are still situated today